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Published: Monday 18 November, 2013

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My partner and i have just returned back from here and we had a wonderful time. This is our second year of coming here and can not recommend this hotel enough. In fact it got better this year!!! The staff are brilliant and can not do enough for you. The location is perfect as it is in with travelling distance of Sorrento and the local buses are ace!! The local village of St Agata is wonderful and the locals make you feel very welcome. We felt very sad to leave but will be going back again next year.

Room Tip: Would pay extra for sea view as the the views are exceptional.

Room Tip: Some rooms are located away from main part of hotel down near the main road.

Do not rely on sea vie.

Hotel itself, although definitely not 4 star is not bad if you need a base for your trips. Im rating it so low because I lost my leather handbag while I was there. Im sure it disappeared from our room, I didnt use it most of the time and it was left there. Sadly, we didnt notice its missing until we started to pack a night before we had to leave. We asked hotel staff and receptionist but apparently nobody saw it. Fortunately, it wasnt a new thing and wasnt worth much and all my documents and money werent inside it. View from terrance is stunning, but thats the only big highlight Im afraid. Here are details:1. Rooms we got a standard room when we arrived, the one in a small building a few steps below the swimming pool. It was rather small and window was facing the main road, so it was very, very noisy. Bathroom was ok, but shower was a bit rubbish. We upgraded it to one of the rooms with sea view for 20 euros per day. This one was just next to the swimming pool and had terrance. It was also a bit bigger, and bathroom was ni cheap bags online australia cer as well. All rooms definitely need to be renovated, but furniture is in a good shape. Beds arent too comfortable, especially pillows. Toiletries are not replenished, cleaners do not seem to clean rooms bathrooms at all, they only change towels and make up beds. Towels also have an unpleasant smell, especially hand towels.2. Food great view from restaurant, but food is bland and starters are boring, every day the same choice of cucumber, tomato, onion and a couple more things. 1st course is usually a choice of pasta, they seem to use only one kind of tomato sauce with most of it. Main course was eatable, but nothing to write home about. The best part of each dinner was a dessert, all the ones cheap bags online australia I tried were really good. Breakfasts are ok if you are not too picky, but they seem to prepare most of the food a day before and all buns, bread and rolls are old and not very tasty. I didint like head waiter attitude, he tried to be very familiar with everyone, spending his time talking nonsense ins cheap bags online australia tead of keeping his eye if guests are properly served. Two young waiters looked as if they wished to disappear and tried to avoid eye contact for all costs. Every time they brought a bottle of wine for us they just dumped it on the table and ran away thats definitely not 4 star hotel standard. The only two genuine and nice people there was an older waiter with very short hairs he always made nice desserts for us and helped to select wine and the oldest waitress. There was a buffet dinner once, nothing exciting though cold cooked vegetables, choice of meat or fish, pasta and desserts, all served by stone faced staff.3. Staff apart from two waiters, there was only a few other nice people around. Young, dark haired receptionist was extremely unhelpful and rude.4. Swimming pool we didnt use it, but I checked the water and it wasnt cold. This area was kept tidy and looked nice.5. Hotel bus service we used it a few times, but only to get down to Sorrento. Its not available on Sunday though.6. Bar it was ok and the barman was friendly.7. Entertainment hotel provides almost none, but we did not expect it so it was fine. I definitely recommend to see Capri island, Pompeii, Herculaneum, Vesuvius and Amalfi coast. Amalfi and Positano got nice beaches, much better than these strips of rock in Sorrento. We paid 10 euros for two sun beds and an umbrella in Amalfi, in Sorrento it was 13 euros per sun bed per person and 5 euros for umbrella!If you want to see Vesuvius, there is a small taxi agency outside Ercolano Scavi train station. They will take you there for 18 euros per person and you will have about 90 minutes to walk up to the top and look around the volcano. Views are amazing, well worth the money.

Room Tip: Get a room with balcony and sea view even if you need to pay extra.

We stayed here from the 28th May to 4th June 20212. The staff, the Hotel, the awe inspiring view, and the truly lovely local people made this a special holiday for us. We went half board for a week and found the accommodation to be spotless. We did ask to be moved as our original room was on the 2nd floor and too dark. The room we were offered was lovely and gave us views of Lemon groves. The rooster at 5am was fondly nick named Paxo by us but had nothing to do with the Hotel its the Italian way of life and you kind of get used to it. If you want to know the story, ask Orlando whose bar it is. Orlando and his family are really lovely, decent people. The drinks are always big and the sandwiches are huge. There are many community Dogs wandering around and Orlando always has water available for them and is kind to them. We liked it so much that we will be booking again and this time bring our family along. We booked through Thomson and got the week for a bargain. If you get the chance, do go and see Amalfi fab leather handbags, Herculaneum Coach tour we actually had the place to ourselves for over an hour and got a much more in depth tour, and Pompeii some of those mosaics show that in human relationships not much changes!, or Rome and the very powerful Vatican, the Coliseum and the Trevi fountain with lots of kissing couples. Thank you to the Hotel Jaccarino and Bar Orlando. cheap bags online australia