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Published: Friday 11 October, 2013

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The name Martha Stewart conjures up images of striped linens, puffy souffles and leaf blowers. So it surprising that the lifestyle doyenne has chosen fashion as the subject of the debut episode of Martha Stewart Presents, a new prime time interview special on the Hallmark channel.

Martha Stewart Presents: The Women Who Dress America, a onehour special scheduled to air Sept. Crew; and Tory Burch, the queen of seaside prep.

The show will be formatted in the style of a traditional talk show, with Stewart engaging in conversations with famous faces from various realms. And like Barbara Walters sporadic specials, this one will happen only occasionally; a second Martha Stewart Presents is scheduled for November.

Timed to coincide with the close of New Yorks Fas cheap handbags wholesale hion Week, the show is hoping to dig beneath the surface to find the sources of inspiration for each designer.

Its a wonderful opportunity to bring our viewers a different side of the world of fashion, said Stewart in a press release, and a better understanding of the challenges and rewards of being on fashions front lines.

Do you think Stewart who, let be honest, is almost always photographed in a smocklike buttonfront shirt is the right person to interview four of fashion most illustrious designers? cheap handbags wholesale