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Published: Tuesday 26 November, 2013

goose down goose down A test of time

The waiting areas burgundy carpet and floral wallpaper seamlessly flow into the woodpaneled walls and hardwood floors of the cutting stations. A young woman blow dries a clients hair while her mother sits in the adjoining room, working on a longtime customers fingernails as her husband watches TV in what she refers to as his apartment.

Leaning over a small table, Anna Faye Heard files down Naomi Barkers nails. Barker, with her hair wound tightly in yellow, blue, orange and purple rollers, has visited Heards shop twice a week for nearly 15 years.

This is a modern day Steel goose down Magnolias, thats what I like to say, Heard says as she applies clear polish to Barkers nails. People just come in, if theres laundry that needs to be done, they help me with it and they stay as long as they want.

When she set up shop in 1961, the bouffant a highpiled hairstyle was the most popular fashion and she chose to name her salon after it. Though styles have waxed and waned over the years, the Bouffant Salon has stood the test of time.

When we first started, I had nine dryers and every one of them was always full, Heard said.

Now the shop has three, and business is steady. The three hair dressers including Hea goose down rds daughter, Erika Greer serve about 60 clients a week, including goose down the 22 Heard tends to each Friday. goose down