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Published: Monday 18 November, 2013

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The Perth Mint has a long history in Australia starting with the founding of the Perth branch of Britains Royal Mint in 1899. It was producing a large portion of the sovereigns designer handbags used as currency in Australia up until 1931 when sovereigns were withdrawn from circulation. From then the Mint used its skills in the production of other coins, while still continuing to refine gold. It remained under British ownership until 1970 when control passed to the Western Australian Government, who owns it to this day. The Perth Mint, facilitates investment in precious metals not only by supplying coins and bars, but by also providing the opportunity for investing in precious metals without the issues associated with taking physical metal, through the various products offered through the Perth Mint Depository.

Needing reliable, high quality chillers for their operations the Perth Mint came to Summit Matsu Chillers with their cooling problem. There were 2 chillers supplied to Perth Mint, a 7kW process chiller and a 3kW cadet series chiller. One of the applications was for a cooling bath, a job for the 7kW process chiller. To create the many silver products offered at Perth Mint silver strips are heated and forced through a die and converted into silver bars. These bars need to be cooled and a water bath is used to cool the silver bars down. The industrial chiller cools the water down in the bath by heat transfer and recirculates the water back to the bath at a required temperature. As with many chiller applications, reliability in maintaining temperatures is critical. A chiller failure means production can come grinding to a halt equalling loss of time and revenue. When the dec designer handbags ision came down to what chiller company to go with Perth Mint decided to go with Summit Matsu Chillers because it was the best on reliability, price and delivery.

As an Australian manufacturer Summit Matsu Chillers is able to provide a leadtime much more competitive than other chiller manufacturers. Summit Matsu Chillers offers customised cooling solutions, with reliable, high quality industrial chillers, designed, engineered and built in Australia. The depth of knowledge in the team of engineers and support staff designer handbags is unparalleled and Summit Matsu Chillers remains the industry expert.. designer handbags